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Co-founder of Olsson Fernandez Design, Iggy has over 24 years of experience in interior design. With every project she works on, she strives to make her clients feel special and unique, just like the designs she creates.

Environmentally minded as well as a lifelong world traveler and art lover, Iggy draws inspiration for her designs from cities like Paris and Stockholm, in her native Sweden. Both provide a multisensory experience rooted in history, art, and culture – a feeling she aims to achieve with the spaces she designs. Her aesthetic can be described as classic with a modern twist. In the end, the interiors she designs are timeless, genuine, and well-thought-out, with a surprising and innovative element, giving a slight edge. To every design, she brings her passion, dedication, experience, taste, and knowledge to ensure a space that speaks to the quality and the highest levels of style and class.

Iggy holds a degree in Design from International Fine Arts College in Miami (now called Miami International University of Art and Design). She also studied French at La Sorbonne in Paris and is fluent in the language as well as in Swedish and English.

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