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With over 30 years of experience, we here at Olsson Fernandez are committed to providing our clients with design

that they will fall in love with over and over again. Whether it’s a residential, hospitality, commercial, or corporate project, we always bring passion and our one-of-a-kind blend of design aesthetics to the process, ensuring that our clients receive
a space that speaks to them each and every time they see it.

Our team is dedicated to not just designing incredible spaces for our clients, but to provide them with
the best experience possible in the process. From learning about our clients’ tastes to their goals for the
space, to bringing in our own expertise, we strive to make sure that clients are happy with both the
elevated level of design we provide as well as the process to get there.

Drawing inspiration from travel, art, nature, and impactful architecture, we work to make sure our
work is always authentic, luxurious, and moving to those who experience them.

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