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As Olsson Fernandez Design’s Senior Designer/Project Manager, Andrea is the friendly and polished team member most clients will interact with on a day-to-day basis. She leads many aspects of the interior design process from the actual designing to on-site project management to overseeing and coordinating contactors and vendors. She is dedicated to building meaningful relationships with all parties involved in the projects to ensure a passionately designed space and streamlined process for clients.


With over 15 years of experience in interior design and architecture as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Florida International University, Andrea sees what she does as a form of storytelling. She focuses on mixing styles and textures, both old and new, to achieve this sense of visual enchantment that speaks to those who are experiencing the space Olsson Fernandez Design has created.


Fluent in English and Spanish, her travels and bi-cultural background both inspire and influence her every day, and she makes note of even the slightest of details whether it’s as a tourist in her travels or as a designer in her work. When she’s not flying around the world soaking in inspiration or working on a luxurious design for her clients, she loves to spend time with animals – her other major passion in life.

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