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Alex is Olsson Fernandez Design’s lead on architectural drawings and overall in-house jack-of-all-trades. With a background in urban drawing and urban development, he brings a modern and industrial point-of-view to the team while still appreciating all design styles.


Having joined the OFD team in February of 2019, Alex is originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil and loves to travel and explore big cities. In fact, his passion for big-city architecture has influenced his design aesthetic and style. When it comes to interior design, his main goal is to create a space that artistically captures and sends a message while using materials with respect, all the while showing an intelligent setting of spaces of a building.


Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Urbanism from the Ritter dos Reis University Center in Brazil and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Olsson Fernandez Design’s resident extroverted introvert, Alex is always up for exploring the city and getting inspired by the nostalgic Art Deco style and Wynwood murals he so loves!

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